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ACQUIRE Atomics Chips For Quantum Information Research
Joerg Schmiedmayer
EQUIP Entanglement in Quantum Information Processing and Communication
Martin Wilkens
EQCSPOT Single Photon Optical Technologies
John Rarity
EQUIS Enabling Technologies for Quantum Information Systems
Gerald Buller
Q-ACTA Quantum computation: novel algorithms and their many body implementation
Thomas Beth
QAIP Quantum Algorithms and Information Processing
Harry Buhrman
QIPD-DF Study for the construction of a Quantum Information Processing Device using Doped Fullerenes
Jason Twamley
QUBITS Quantum Information Processing and transfer with Single Atoms and Photons
Peter Knight
QUCOMM Long Distance Photonic Quantum Communication
Anders Karlsson
QUICOV Quantum infomation with continuous variables
Gerd Leuchs
RESQ Resources for Quantum Information
Serge Massar
S4P Solid State Sources for Single Photons
Izo Abram
SQID Semiconductor-Based Implementation of Quantum Information Devices
Fausto Rossi
SQUBIT Superconducting Qubits: Quantum Computing with Josephson Junctions
Goeran Wendin
SAWPHOTON Single electron source generating individual photons for secure optical communications
Poul Erik Lindelof
QUANTIM  Quantum Images
Claude Fabre
MAGQIP Magnetic Systems as candidates for Quantum Computing Hardware
Xavier Tejada
ATESIT Active Teleportation and Entangled State Information Technology
Francesco de Martini
NSP-SI Electrical detection of nuclear spin polarization in Si/SiGe heterostructures as the first step to the Nuclear Spin Quantum Computer

Cryptography and communication - Anders Karlsson
  Topics include: Quantum Communication, quantum coding, quantum error correction, quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution, quantum teleportation, entanglement swapping, single-photon detection technologies, single-photon sources for quantum communication, continous variable quantum information.
Decoherence control, scalability - P. Knight
Qubit and entanglement manipulation - R. Blatt
Input/Output - E. Polzik

Topics include: Quantum state and quantum information transfer from field to matter and the reverse. Quantum state read out. Quantum memory. Quantum information networks. Inter species teleportation protocols. Inter species entanglement. Input/output of classical information into/from quantum nodes. Quantum repeaters. Algorithms involving quantum state storage.

New concepts of quantum information - J. Rarity




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