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QUIPROCONE administers and distributes funding to support three objectives:

  • Enhancement of Research
  • Enhancement of Development/Links with Industry
  • External links: Publicity and Broad Dissemination of QIPC

QUIPROCONE members wishing to apply for funding to support activity relevant to one of these objectives should submit for refereeing a funding application (see below) to the QUIPROCONE Administrator. This should contain brief but sufficient detail on:

  • The activity
  • Costs
  • Expected outcome/deliverable
On completion of a funded activity, a short activity report and claim form for costs should be submitted to the QUIPROCONE Administrator (see relevant forms below). The report should include: a description of the activity; detail all of the participants; detail on the outcome/deliverable; and give some acknowledgement to QUIPROCONE. Reports will be placed on this site.

Funding for Short-Term Fellowships and Short Scientific Visits in general support of QIPC in Europe is also available over the five-year period 1999-2003 from the European Science Foundation. Details of this programme can be found at http://www.esf.org/QIT/.

Funding Application - Microsoft Word version or pdf file

Claim Form - Microsoft Word version or pdf file


This site is maintained by Vivienne Paulete, QUIPROCONE Administrator - tel +44 (0)117 312 8079
QUIPROCONE Project Co-ordinator - Tim Spiller - tel +44 (0)117 312 9280