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Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics e-Print arXiv
Virtual Journal of Quantum Information
The American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, and 11 other publishers
International Journal of Quantum Information
World Scientific
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology
The American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, and 11 other publishers
Webcorner for Quantum Information and Computation
Rinton Press
Quantum Optics and Atom Optics
Australian worldwide QIPC group listing

Quantum Information Processing Group
- BRIMS Archive
Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, United Kingdom

QUIC - Quantum Information & Computation
Caltech University, MIT and USC University collaboration, USA

Stanford Quantum Computation
Stanford University, U.C Berkeley, MIT and IBM collaboration, United States of America

Quantum Experiments and the Foundations of Physics
Universitat Wien, Austria

Centre for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at Innbruck
Universitat Innsbruck, Austria

Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
IBM Research, Yorktown, New York, United States of America

Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing
Universite de Montreal, Canada

LMU Theoretical Quantum Optics and Information (Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Munich, Germany

Quantum Computation/Cryptography
Los Alamos, United States of America

Quantum Optics Group
Laser Optics & Spectroscopy Group, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

Centre for Quantum Computation
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Quantum Optics & Spectroscopy Group
Institut fur Experimentalphysik, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Quantum Information in Braunschweig
Institute for Mathematical Physics, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

NIST Ion Storage Group
NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), Colorado, United States of America

University of Geneva, Group of Applied Physics

Laboratory of Quantum Electronics and Quantum Optics
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Kista, Sweden

News portal devoted to the physics community in the field of Quantum Information and Computation

Joint Network Programme on Quantum Interference Correlations and Technology

Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration


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