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The following website, http://www.imaph.tu-bs.de/qi/problems/, led by Dr Reinhard Werner is a collection of problems in Quantum Information Theory that are found worthy of attention. To make this page interesting input is needed from the community, so please contribute good problems. They should be problems in Quantum Information Theory, which are stated in a self-contained way in the current terminology of the field, open to the best of your knowledge, and an interesting challenge to other researchers. Every effort will be made to publish all good problems quickly, but less suitable contributions may be rejected.

Please send contributions by email to r.werner@tu-bs.de.
The format of contributions is free. Text written in HTML, and divided into sections such as Problem/ Background/ Partial Results/ Remarks/ Literature creates the smallest workload for us.

Dr. Jason Twamley from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth has started a quantum information mailing list for genuine researchers around the world. Anyone in QIPC may join this list - it is open to all.

You can register to this mailing list by surfing to: http://planck.thphys.may.ie/mailman/listinfo/qip and filing out the information.

You can also see who is already registered by surfing to http://planck.thphys.may.ie/mailman/roster/qip

An information exchange between experts and nonexperts using this mailing list may be useful, as well a being able to exchange ideas with others around the world.


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