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15th - 18th September 2002

Spin resonance with trapped ions: experiments and new concepts
Christof Wunderlich
A new high-brilliant optical parametric source of polarization entangled states

Paolo Mataloni

Quantum computing with ions and atoms
Klaus Moelmer
Programmable quantum processors: implementation of quantum maps
Vladmir Buzek
The characterization of Gaussian operations and distillation of Gaussian States
Geza Giedke
Quantum communication complexity
Ronald de Wolf
Light-atoms quantum interfact for continuous variables
Eugene Polzik
Quantum error-correcting codes
Markus Grassi
What have we learned from quantum computation
Artur Ekert
A scalable architecture for spin-based quantum computers

Dieter Suter

Operation of a solid state quantum bit circuit
Daniel Esteve
Perturbation theory for scalable solid-state quantum computation and single-spin measurement using magnetic resonance force microscopy

Gennady Berman

The entanglement cost under operations respecting the partial transpose
Martin Plenio
Relative entropy and a substate theorem about quantum states
Pranab Sen
Quantum information encoded on CP-maps
Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano
Time-optimal control of quantum dynamics and NMR quantum computing
Steffen Glaser
Hot Topics  
Single photon quantum cryptography
Jean Philippe Poizat
Plasmon assisted transmission of quantum entanglement
Martin van Exter


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