Solid State Quantum Information Processing Conference
15th - 18th December 2003
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
IQING 3 -Informal Quantum Information Gathering European Workshop for PhD students and Postdocs
2nd - 5th December 2003
MPQ Garching, Germany
Quantum Transport in Synthetic Metals and Quantum Functional Semiconductors
19th - 23rd Nov 2003
Seoul, Korea
World Nano-Economic Congress - Europe
3rd - 6th Nov 2003
London, UK
304th Heraeus-Seminar "Elementary Quantum Processors
13th - 15th October 2003
Bad Honnef, Germany
Quantum Optics EuroConference on Cavity QED and Quantum Fluctuations: From Fundamental Concepts to Nano-Technology
27th September - 2nd October 2003
Granada, Spain
Invitation to a Grand Challenge in Non-Classical Computation workshop - please read
30th September 2003
York, UK
Quantum Information Processing in Condensed Matter
15th September 2003
Loughborough, UK
Quantum, Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics Conference 7-12 September 2003 Open University

7th - 12th September 2003
Milton Keynes, UK

Bose-Einstein Condensation EuroConference on the New Trends in Physics of Quantum Gases
13th - 18th September 2003
San Feliu de Guixols, Spain
Workshop on "Non-locality of Quantum Mechanics & Statistical Inference ( satellite workshop to EQIS'03)
8th - 9th September 2003
Kyoto, Japan
EQIS'03 - ERATO Workshop on Quantum Computation and Information
3rd - 6th September 2003
Kyoto, Japan
Workshop on Quantum Measurements and Quantum Stochastics

7th - 12th August 2003
Aarhus, Denmark

2nd International Workshop on Quantum Dots for Quantum Computing

7th - 9th August 2003
Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Quantum Information Science

21st- 25th July 2003

4th European QIPC Workshop

13th - 17th July 2003
Oxford, UK

ICOLS 03 - 16th International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy
13th -18th July 2003
Palm Cove, Australia
Quantum Entanglement & Information Processing
30th June - 25th July
Les Houches, France
Benasque Center for Science - Quantum Information
22nd June - 11th July 2003
Barcelona, Spain
Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations-2
1st - 6th June 2003
Vaxjo, Sweden
Quantum and Reversible Computation
28th - 31st May 2003
New York, USA
Royal Statistical Society meeting on Quantum Statistical Inference
21st May 2003
London, UK
Young European Physicists Meeting 2003
29th April - 4th May 2003
Budmerice, Slovakia
Nanotechnology Meets Business
8th - 9th April 2003
Frankfurt, Germany
Continuous Variables Quantum Information Processing Workshop 2003
11th - 14th April 2003
Aix-en-Provence, France
"Advances in quantum information processing: from theory to experiments". Third meeting of the ESF programme on "Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computing"
15th - 22nd March 2003
Erice, Italy
Open Information Workshop: "The making of a quantum computer:
quantum information in the 6th framework programme"

11th March 2003
Bad Nauheim, Germany
European Commission QIPC Review 2003
10th - 12th March 2003
Bad Nauheim, Germany
Quantum Optics Obergurgl Meeting 2003

23rd February - 1st March 2003
Innsbruck, Austria

FRISNO-7 - French-Israeli Symposium on Nonlinear and Quantum Optics

16th - 21st February 2003
Note change of venue
Les Houches,

Forum on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2003

16th - 17th January 2003
Munich, Germany

Physics of Information Symposium
10th - 11th January 2003
Heidelberg, Germany
International Conference on Nanoelectronics
4th - 9th January 2003
Lancaster, UK
MSRI - Quantum Computation Semester: Annual QIP conference
13th-17th December 2002
California, USA
MSRI - Quantum Computation Semester: Quantum Information and Cryptography
4th-8th November 2002
California, USA
International Symposium "Quantum Informatics-2002"
1st-4th October 2002
Zvenigorod, Moscow
MSRI - Quantum Computation Semester: Quantum Algorithms and Complexity
23rd-27th September 2002
California, USA
Euroconference on Quantum Atom Optics: From Quantum Science to Technology
21st-26th September 2002
San Feliu de Guixols, Spain

3rd European QIPC Workshop - QUIPROCONE

15th - 18th September 2002
Dublin, Ireland
11th UK Conference on the Foundations of Physics
9th-13th September 2002
Oxford, UK
EQIS 2002: ERATO Workshop on Quantum Information Science
6th-8th September 2002
Tokyo, Japan
International School on Quantum Computation and Information
2nd-7th September 2002
Lisbon, Portugal
MSRI - Quantum Computation Semester: Introductory Workshop
26th-30th August 2002
California, USA
ICAP 2002 - Eighteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics
28th July-2nd August 2002
Massachusetts, USA
QCMC01: Sixth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing
22nd-26th July 2002
Massachusetts, USA
12th General Conference of the European Physical Society
EPS-12: Trends in Physics
26th-30th August 2002
Budapest, Hungary
NATO-ASI on "New trends in mesoscopic physics (towards nanoscience)"
20th July-1st August 2002
Erice, Italy
ICOQUIN.02 - International Conference on Quantum Information - University of Oviedo
13th-18th July 2002
Oviedo, Spain
ESF Meeting on Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information
26th June 2002
Bristol, UK
Internation Symposium on Nanostructures Physics and Technology
17th-21st June 2002
St Petersburg
Euroworkshop on Quantum Computers: Mesoscopic implementation; perspectives and open problems - ISI Foundation
10th-21st June 2002
Torino, Italy
EuroChina 2002
April 2002
Beijing, China
Institute of Nanotechnology - 'Nanotechnology - The Next Industrial Revolution?'
24th-25th April 2002
Scotland, UK
Conference on Carbon-based Molecular Electronics
17th-19th April 2002
Malvern, UK
Workshop on Decoherence in QIP
10th-14th April 2002
Durham, UK
ESF workshop on continuous-variable quantum information processing (CVQIP02)
5th-8th April 2002
Brussels, Belgium
EURESCO Quantum Information Conference - Quantum Entanglement
23rd-28th March 2002
San Feliu de Guixols, Spain
Institute of Nanotechnology - 'Investing in Nanotechnology II'
19th March 2002
London, UK
The 10th JST International Symposium on Quantum Computing
12th-14th March 2002
Tokyo, Japan
Adriatico Research Conference on Quantum Interferometry IV
11th-15th March 2002
Trieste, Italy
European Commission QIPC Review 2002
27th February - 1st March 2002
Chantilly, France
School on Quantum Information and Quantum Processing (QIQP-02)
18th-27th February 2002
Mumbai, India
IWQDQC - First International Workshop on Quantum Dots for Quantum Computing and Classical Size Effect Circuits
26th-28th January 2002
Kochi, Japan
QIP2002: Fifth Workshop on Quantum Information Processing
14th-17th January 2002
Yorktown, USA
IST 2001 Exhibition - organised by EC & Ministry of Economic Affairs
3-5th December 2001
Dusseldorf, Germany
UK Quantum Theory Mini-Meeting
30th November 2001
London, UK
2ND European Commission QIPC Workshop
28th-31st October 2001
Torino, Italy
ESF Quantum Optics Euroconference 2001
6th-11th October 2001
Barcelona, Spain
Matter in Super-Intense Laser Fields
29th September - 4th October 2001
San Feliu, Spain
Bose-Einstein Condensation Euroconference on the Physics of Atomic Gases at Low Temperature
15th-20th September 2001
San Feliu de Guixols, Spain
10th UK conference on the Foundations of Physics
10th-14th September 2001
Third Euroconference on Atomic Physics at Accelerators: Stored Ion Beams and Fundamental Physics
8th-13th September 2001
Aarhus, Denmark
ERATO Workshop on Quantum Information Science - EQIS'01
6th-8th September 2001
Tokyo, Japan
15th Institute of Physics Quantum Electronics and Photonics/Photonics 2001 joint conference
3rd-6th September 2001
Glasgow, UK
Mysteries, Puzzles and Paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics, IV edition
26th August-1st September 2001
Garda Lake, Italy
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Modality, Probability and Bell's Theorems
19th-23rd August 2001
Cracow, Poland
Exploring Quantum Physics Conference
19th-22nd August 2001
Venice, Italy
International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"
17th-27th July 2001
ESF QIT Programme Conference - "Quantum Information: Theory, Experiments & Perspectives"
10th-18th July 2001
Gdansk, Poland
CLEO/Europe-EQEC "Laser 2001 - World of Photonics"
International Congress Center
18th-22nd June 2001
Munich, Germany
International Conference on Quantum Information (ICQI)
The Optical Society of America and the University
of Rochester
10th-16th June 2001
New York, USA
Eighth Rochester Conference on Coherence & Quantum Optics (CQ08)
10th-16th June 2001
New York, USA
7th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations (ICSSUR 2001)
4th-8th June 2001
Boston, USA
Summer School in Quantum Information Processing - Fields Institute
14th-18th May 2001
Toronto, Canada
QUICK - Quantum Information Workshop
7th-13th April 2001
Cargese, Corsica
DPG Meeting
2nd-6th April 2001
European Commission RTD QIPC Project Review
14th-16th March 2001
Seefeld, Austria
Quantum Information Winter School
19th-30th March 2001
Les Houches
NMR Quantum Computation discussion meeting
(Supported by European Science Foundation)
3rd-4th March 2001
Bristol, UK
Seminaire Rhodanien 2001 - Physics of Entangled States
26th February - 2nd March 2001
Dolomieu, Isere, France
NMR Quantum Computation discussion meeting
(Supported by European Science Foundation)
3rd-4th March 2001
Bristol, UK
Quantum Information Theory Workshop
21st-25th January 2001
Gold Coast, Australia
IQC 01 - International Conference on Experimental Implementation of Quantum Computation
16th-19th January 2001
Sydney, Australia
QIP 2001 - 4th Workshop on Quantum Information Processing
9th-12th January 2001
Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Conference 2000
(Symposium Session on Quantum Computing)
18th-21st December 2000
Bristol, England
Quantum (Un)speakables Conference
10th-14th November 2000
Vienna, Austria
Budmerice Workshop on Quantum Information
28th-31st October 2000
Bratislava, Slovakia
DARPA Quantum Information, Science & Technology Workshop
23rd-24th October 2000
Maryland, USA
Quantum Optics XI - European Science Foundation

14th-19th October 2000
Mallorca, Spain


27th-29th September 2000
Potsdam, Germany