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This workshop is organised by QUIPROCONE, the European Network of Excellence for QIPC, Imperial College London and the University of Oxford Physics Department.The workshop is hosted by Clarendon Laboratory and held at Keble College, Oxford.

The workshop will be co-located and integrated with the 2nd International Conference on Quantum Information. The meeting organizer is Peter Knight of Imperial College London.

The purpose of the workshop is to promote interaction across the broad subject area of QIPC and follows previous meetings in Potsdam, ISI Torino and Trinity College Dublin.

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Workshop format:

The Workshop will run from the afternoon of Sunday 13 July until lunchtime on Thursday 17 July. An evening reception and plenary lecture will open the Workshop on 13 July.The evenings of 14, 15 and 16 July will feature two Poster Sessions(Monday and Wednesday) and a Banquet Dinner (Tuesday).

The Workshop is divided into seven sessions covering the following topics

1. Hot Topics
2. Algorithms & Generic Theory
3. Generic Theory - Qubit implementations & manipulation (experiment & theory)
4. Atoms and Ions
5. Quantum LANs, Photons and Communication
6. Solid State
7. Condensed Matter & Photonics

The order is to be arranged: each session 2-7 will include two invited talks and three contributed talks.

Invited Participants:

Vladimir Buzek, Artur Ekert, Philippe Grangier, Richard Jozsa, Leo Kouwenhoven, Daniel Lidar, David Lucas, Mikhail Lukin, Chiara Macchiavello, John Martinis, Chris Monroe, Mike Pepper, Andrew Shields, Andrew Steane, Jason Twamley, Umesh Vazirani, Goeran Wendin, Carl Williams, Anton Zeilinger.


Workshop format:

The purpose of the workshop is to promote interaction across the broad subject area of QIPC. All session chairs are therefore invited to begin with a short introductory review of their session's area (15 minutes), putting into context the session contributions within the wider arena of QIPC, and to finish with a 15 minute discussion on all aspects of the session.

All invited speakers (25 + 5 minutes per talk) and contributed speakers (15 + 5 minutes per talk) are encouraged to make their talks generally accessible to a wide multi-disciplinary QIPC audience, which will include both theorists and experimentalists.

Hot Topics/Poster contributions to the workshop will be encouraged,particularly from the EC-funded QIPC research projects. Short presentations (provisionally 12 + 3 minutes per talk) will be selected from these submissions (deadline 13 June 2003) for the Hot Topics session. Posters can be displayed throughout the workshop and there will be dedicated Poster Sessions on the Monday and Wednesday.

Workshop participants (speakers, contributors, attendees...) who are members of an EC-funded QIPC research project should charge their attendance to their project; QUIPROCONE will cover the attendance of other invitees (return economy fare and accommodation) and the central costs of the workshop.



Workshop Planning Committee:

P. Knight (Workshop Chair), T. Spiller (QUIPROCONE), C. Barnes, V. Buzek, B. Clark, F. De Martini, J. Eberly, T. Felbinger, P. Grangier, E. Hinds, P. Malinverni (EC), R. Schack, D. Segal, J. Schmiedmayer, J. Twamley, G. Wendin, D, Wineland,I Walmsley, C. Lane (QUIPROCONE administrator).

Christine Lane
QUIPROCONE Administrator
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