Key research interests:

We are interested in physical implementation of quantum communication devices, quantum measurement theory, and decoherence theory.

Member EC involvement:


List of researchers/contributors:

Dr Myungshik Kim


Key publications:

  1. J. Lee and M.S. Kim "Entanglement teleportation via Werner states" Phys.Rev.Lett. 84, 4236-4239 (1 May 2000).
  2. H. Jeong, J. Lee and M.S. Kim "Dynamics of nonlocality for a two-mode squeezed state in thermal environment" Phys.Rev.A, 61, 52101 (1 May 2000).
  3. M.S. Kim and J. Lee "Quantum nonlocality in cavity QED" Phys.Rev.A, 61, 42102 (1 April 2000).
  4. J. Lee and M.S. Kim, J. Park and S. Lee "Partial teleportation of entanglement in the noisy environment" J.Mod.Opt., 47(12), 2151-2165 (September 2000).
  5. J. Lee, M.S. Kim and H. Jeong "Transfer of nonclassical features in quantum teleportation via a mixed quantum channel" Phys.Rev.A 62, 032305 (1 September 2000).