Key research interests:

The Mobile Communications and Computing Laboratory is covering different areas of wireless and/or mobile communications from physical layer signal processing through medium access control and networking up to the application layer. Having realized the importance of nanotechnology and quantum based computing in future communication and computing systems, the Laboratory formed a team to investigate and research on possible application of quantum based communication and computing. Current research is mainly focused on efficient receiver algorithms for 3G/4G spread spectrum systems and entanglement based medium access control for ad hoc networks.

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List of researchers/contributors:

Sandor Imre (Associate Professor - Department of Telecommunications, Mobile Communications & Computing Laboratory)


Key publications:

S. Imre, F. Balázs, "Quantum Multi-User Detection", IEEE 1st. Workshop on Application and Services in Wireless Networks (ASW 2001), pp. 147-154, ISBN: 2-7462-0305-7, Paris-Evry, France, July 25- 27, 2001

S. Imre, F. Balázs, "Posivtive Operation Valued Measurement Based Multi-User Detection in DS-CDMA System", IEEE International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCom), vol. 1, pp. 421-429, ISBN: 953-6114-44-5, 10.-13. October 2001, Split-Ancona-Bari-Dubrovnik

S. Imre, F. Balázs, "Non-coherent Multi-User Detection Based on Quantum Search", IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC'02), vol. 1, pp. 283-287, 28 April.-05. May 2002, New York, USA

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S. Imre, F. Balázs, "Quantum Multi-User Detection", in Applications & Services in Wireless Networks, pp. 126-133, ISBN: 1-9039-9630-9, Hermes Science Publication, Paris, 2001, Hermes Penton Ltd, Lodon, 2002

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